We take great pride in delivering the most comprehensive eye examination that we can. Our aim is to provide an accurate prescription to ensure that your spectacles give you the best quality vision possible.

We want to ensure that the health of your eyes is thoroughly examined and to do this we use the latest, advanced technology. This technology allows us to conduct a series of scans of your eye, examining the health of the eye, taking accurate measurements of the eye, and tracking the development of your eye’s health and shape over time.

Your Eye Eamination

On average, a routine eye examination usually takes 30 – 40 minutes and will be performed by one of our fully qualified Optometrists. In the case of some patients, the examination will take longer if additional advanced tests are required. Each examination consists of several stages looking at the health of the eyes and calculating the optimum visual correction. Finally, at the end of the examination, we will explain our findings and give you a copy of your prescription, or a statement explaining that you do/do not need spectacles.

If appropriate, we will introduce you to one of our Dispensing Opticians who will discuss in detail, the best frames and lenses for you and help you with your choice, or discuss the contact lens options open to you.

We hope you enjoy the experience of having your eyes examined.

Why Should I Have A Regular Eye Examination?

Regular examinations are important for several reasons:

– An eye examination will reveal whether your vision is normal, or whether it could be improved further with spectacles or contact lenses;

– For children, poor eyesight can significantly affect their performance at school;

– For drivers, poor eyesight can be dangerous, not only for themselves, but also for pedestrians and other road users;

– The eye examination is an important health check which can, in some cases, detect serious underlying problems, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, raised intra-cranial pressure and brain tumours;

– Part of the problem with many eye conditions, such as early glaucoma, is that they do not have any symptoms so the eyes do not always hurt if there is something wrong;

– If there is a problem, the earlier it is discovered the better the chance of treatment being a success. This is of particular importance in children and elderly patients.

To aid this we have developed our Eye Care 21 scheme, which provides the most comprehensive regular eye examination for our patients. For more information, please see our Eye Care 21 page.