Many patients ask if it is important to wear sunspectacles. The simple answer is yes. The reason is due to the potential damage UV radiation can do to the eyes.

Ultra violet (UV) radiation sits adjacent to the blue end of the visual proportion of the electric magnetic spectrum. It comes from the sun. We are exposed to both UVA and UVB radiation on earth.

The eyes readily absorb UV radiation. At the point radiation is absorbed its energy is transferred to the tissues and has potential to do damage. UV damage to the Cornea causes Cataract formation in the Lens and premature Macula Degeneration in the Retina.
Exposure to UV radiation occurs through both direct exposure to sunlight and through indirect sources such as radiation reflected off snow, water and even sand.

A recent Japanese study found that the eye is most vulnerable to UV during the times of the day and seasons of the year the sun is lower in the sky. The notable conclusion was that people living in the Northern latitude such as Newcastle receive more radiation to their eyes. This study highlighted the importance of year round protection of the eyes from UV radiation in both adults and children. Cloudy days can be misleading; clouds do not offer a barrier to radiation.

We supply many different ranges and styles of sunspectacles.

The two important points to take into account when choosing a pair of sunspectacles are the fit of the frame to ensure the correct coverage of the eye and the type of lens that you require.

The qualified Dispensing Optician will spend time discussing all different types of the lenses available. These will include tinted lenses with a UV coating, photochromic or transition lenses, polarizing lenses and lenses specifically designed for driving.

The planned usage of the sunspectacles is a very important part of the discussion as we can provide sunspectacles simply for daily usage such as driving or specific sports designs for use in the sporting environment. With modern lens technology we can provide individually designed sun protection with your visual correction incorporated. This will give you excellent vision and more importantly protect your eyes.