The importance of our patients

Our patients really are our greatest advocates and their testimonials capture the best of what we offer.

“It is a source of deep personal and professional pride to us that our patients speak so highly and willingly about the eye care and services we provide for them.

Everything we do at G.T. Harvey & Partners is designed to ensure our patients receive the best possible experience, tailored to their needs and tastes.”

–Stuart Henderson, Practice Principal

“A very friendly, efficient and professional service”

Having recently discovered that I needed to wear prescribed spectacles in order to carry out my work. I enquired about purchasing a pair of prescribed sports spectacles to use whilst riding my bicycle. G.T Harvey and Partners supplied me with a pair of Adidas Pro-Ones which I am delighted with. They are brilliant in all light conditions. The staff at G.T. Harvey and Partners encouraged me to take my bicycle to the practice so that they could position the bi-focal lines precisely to enable me to see clearly ahead and also look at my handlebar computer without moving my head whilst riding my bicycle. They took time over this until they were completely satisfied that they had it just right.

G.T. Harvey and Partners provide a very friendly, efficient and professional service with great products too.

Mr Alan Tuddenham

A patient at G.T. Harvey & Partners since 2009

Mr B. Towns

A patient at G.T. Harvey & Partners since 1953

“The service is outstanding.”

G.T. Harvey and Partners have provided my eye care since 1953 and during that time I have witnessed many advances in the technology used in the practice.

As my eyes have aged, I have been aware of the need to ensure that the clinical advice I receive is founded, evidence based, findings. This reassures me that the continuing monitoring can detect anomalies at a much earlier stage and their appropriate treatment would be available to me sooner.

The staff are all attentive and caring with a sensitivity that ensures I am confident in the care that I receive. The service is outstanding.

“I had the most thorough eye examination.”

This was the first time I’ve used G.T. Harvey and Partners: a small practice with a very high level of customer care. I had the most thorough eye examination, with clear comprehensive feedback throughout. But this practice also has two qualified and experienced Dispensing Opticians whose advice and guidance is so invaluable. The Dispensing Optician spent more time with me than the eye examination took. I know that proper dispensing is essential to get the full benefit of the initial examination and G.T Harvey gives an excellent dispensing service – well above any competition that I’ve experienced. My varifocals were not cheap because I selected an expensive frame and lenses; but I’m so delighted with the standards and service I received, that I rate this as excellent value for money. I recommend G.T. Harvey very highly.

Mr Bill Dobson

A patient at G.T. Harvey & Partners since 2010.

Mr C. McK.

A patient at G.T. Harvey & Partners since 1987.

“Meticulous care and attention

I suffer from moderate myopia and have needed spectacles for distance vision from my early teens. I have always avoided wearing them whenever possible.

In 1970 I began wearing contact lenses: hard lenses at first, then later gas permeable ones. G.T. Harvey provided me with the varifocal spectacles, reading spectacles and contact lenses throughout this period. I had no trouble with the contact lenses for a long time but around 2006/2007 my eyes began to lose tolerance, probably due to my advancing age and wearing lenses became more and more uncomfortable.

In 2007 the science of orthokeratology was explained to me and I began to wear what I call my ‘overnight lenses’. I believe I am the oldest person G.T. Harvey has prescribed these lenses for. In the early stages my progress was monitored on a day-by-day basis and at regular short intervals there after.

I am extremely grateful for the meticulous care and attention I received then and since from some really nice people.

I have been using my overnight lenses for over two years now. It is not too much to say that they will ‘change your life’. I wish they had been available sixty years ago.

“We have complete confidence in Stuart and his team”

My name is John Quince and I have been a client of G.T. Harvey and Partners for the past 67 years! My wife and son are also clients of Mr Stuart Henderson. This in itself, shows our high esteem of the practice.

During this time, the practice has developed and changed in line with the advancement in technology, whilst still maintain the all important human touch which is so essential to the client.

Trust is of paramount importance when dealing with something as precious as eyesight and we have complete confidence in Stuart and his team. In addition to having our eyes tested, we also feel we have had a through health examination! In our opinion, this sort of treatment can only be delivered by a dedicated, independent practitioner and we could never envisage a time when we would even consider looking elsewhere.

Mr J.F. Quince

A patient at G.T. Harvey & Partners since 1943.

Mrs Jean Phillips

A patient at G.T. Harvey & Partners since 2010.

“Visiting an optician is now a real pleasure”

May I just say a big thank you to Lesley, Mr Henderson and the lovely staff at G.T. Harvey for the best optician experience I have had for many a year. Visiting an optician is now a real pleasure.

Mr Henderson’s test was the most thorough I’d experienced so far. I felt he really cared for the health of my eyes and I felt comfortable and secure to feel I was in good hands. I had not had that range of tests before.

You also went out of your way to provide careful advice as to the types of frames that might be suitable form my new prescription. And what’s more, you assembled a newly brought-in range of frames and colours that matched my initial selection.

I left the practice delighted with both my new prescription and my new frames. Thank you.

“You have given me reasurance and advice”

It’s probably long overdue, but I would like to thank you for the care and attention you have afforded me over the past years.

When I transferred to you, I was suffering with dry and tired eyes and there was even the worry that I was developing cataracts.

You have given me reassurance and advice, and guided me through the tests I needed to get the right lenses and spectacles. I have been privileged to have benefitted from your camera which I think is called a corneal topographer. With this you have successfully monitored my keratoconus on a regular basis. I am happily wearing both suitable lenses in leisure time and spectacles for work without discomfort for the first time since I was a teenager many decades ago!

Mrs Margot Moffitt

A patient at G.T. Harvey & Partners since 2008.

Mrs Sheila Flett

A patient at G.T. Harvey & Partners since 1992.

“I know that any possible problem will be dealt with early”

My family and I have been coming to G.T. Harvey and Partners for very many years. We have been impressed at their constant updating of equipment and amazed at the detail that can be monitored. As my eyes are ageing I know that any possible problem will be dealt with early. This gives me such reassurance. It is wonderful to see some of the pictures resulting from the tests. My daughter has such confidence in them that she is in contact even from Australia.

“A comprehensive service that fully meets the needs of our service

Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service have been using the services of G.T. Harvey and Partners since the mid nineteen nineties. During that time they have provided a wide range of services, which include vision testing for our recruit intake, advice regarding DSE , training to fit safety spectacles, support for trials of optically correct safety spectacles , as well as the development of an optical insert in safety goggles in conjunction with Bollé.

On a more recent note we referred a member of staff with a significant vision loss that was detected during health surveillance. Following referral, G.T. Harvey identified a problem involving his Retina using a new piece of equipment, an OCT, resulting in prompt referral to an ophthalmic consultant to confirm diagnosis and advise on management.

Overall G.T. Harvey and Partners provide a comprehensive service that fully meets the needs of our service.

Tyne & Wear Fire & Rescue Service

Patients since 1990s

Dr G David Hurell

A patient at G.T. Harvey & Partners since 1983.

“First class care”

I wanted to write to you, to thank you for your care and attention for both myself and my wife that you have given us over the years. I know I did write to you some years ago after you had found some changes in my eyes which required a further opinion from a Consultant Eye Surgeon, but I felt another brief note of thanks was due.

As you know we have been patients of your practice for many years. We first attended when needing eye tests, when your predecessor, Mr Harvey, looked after us. He set a very high standard and when he retired we were delighted when you took over and continued to provide first class care.

As the years have gone on you have obtained the latest equipment and it was thanks to you examination combined with the use of the machines that you discovered that I had two problems, namely retinoschisis and more recently some changes in the macula region in my left eye, an epiretinal membrance. After review at the Royal Victoria Infirmary, the consultant in the Eye Department was quite happy to discharge me back to your care and only to go back if there was any significant deterioration with my vision.

Joan is very happy with the attention she gets with her contact lenses and it is nice that she can continue to use contact lenses with no complications.

Our thanks also to all your staff who remind us when to attend for review and who answer the phone so promptly when we phone for an appointment.

“Giving our two girls amazing sight”

We just want to say again a huge thank you for everything. The prospect of getting Martha into Ortho k lenses has been at the back of my mind for four years, since you worked your magic with Molly. I still can’t believe that she’s managed it, but all with your constant support.

Your kindness, professionalism and never ending patience (that’s the particular one that I struggled with as her Mum!) has made this transition so (relatively) painless. And now she can see!

We want to thank everyone at this fantastic practice, in particular Stuart, for introducing us as a family to Ortho K lenses, giving our two girls amazing sight that hopefully means they won’t end up like their Mum!!

With lots of love,

Lizzie, Andy and Martha Holland

Mrs Lizzie Holland

A patient at G.T. Harvey & Partners since 2011. Mrs Holland and both her daughters, Molly and Martha, are patients in our Ortho K clinic.