Contact Lenses

One of our fully qualified Dispensing Opticians will discuss the design of your contact lenses, and which ones are most beneficial for your visual needs. These may simply be distance or reading contacts lenses or perhaps a varifocal contact lenses, we'll support you in choosing the right ones for you.

You may even require an occupational contact lenses to help with screen work.

Rest assured we will discuss all of the options with you to ensure the best vision possible for you.

Technically advanced

We use the most technically advanced contact lenses, from companies such as Hoya, Nikon and Zeiss as well as being able to have the contacts lenses individually made for you at a local workshop on the outskirts of Newcastle.

We will ensure that the correct combination of prescription frames and contact lenses will give you the best possible solution for your visual needs.


Cosmetic appearance

We can supply thinned lenses (high index) to ensure the best cosmetic appearance and also help to keep your glasses as light weight and therefore as comfortable as possible.

We will make sure you look good, feel good and see well with your new glasses.