Browse our video library for a more in depth look at our services. Here we share our knowledge and expertise and focus on our specific interests in dyslexia, dry eyes, macula degeneration, myopia control and sports vision.

Eye exam

An extended eye examination at G.T. Harvey and Partners

Let us take you through our extended eye examination. We use the latest technology to detect any changes or abnormalities with your vision.

Eye wear

Bespoke frames G.T. Harvey and Partners

Let us show you the bespoke service that we offer to all of our patients with our fantastic range of designer frames.

Dyslexia clinic

Dyslexia clinic at G.T. Harvey & Partners

Take a look at how your eyesight is affected by Dyslexia and how our specialist clinic can help find a solution.

Myopia Clinic

Ortho K and Myopica control at G.T. Harvey and Partners

Our specialist Ortho K clinic works with patients that suffer with Myopia (short sightedness) to find a solution for you. Our Ortho K lenses can help to slow down the development of Myopia

Sports Vision

Sports vision at G.T. Harvey and Partners

Our Sports Vision facility assesses your vision to ensure it is suitable for your sporting activities. From eliminating glare to enhancing visual performance G. T. Harvey and Partners have the solution.